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Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd. is based in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Kaxite is one of the biggest sealing and heat preservation products manufacturer in China. Kaxite supply the overall solution of Metal Gaskets, Non-metallic Gaskets, Braided Packings, Compressed Gasket Sheets. To assure create more valve for customers from all over the world.

Kaxite has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001, As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Kaxite can offer a widely range of sealing raw materials and products,more competitive price, prompt feedback, fast delivery time & keep the order updated. We promise Kaxite Gasket & Seals is your good choice.

The products are mainly applied in the industries of aviation, shipbuilding, petroleum chemical industry, foodstuff and medicine, with the good merits of heat preservation, heat insulation, seal and insulation.

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  • Why Are Spiral Wound Gaskets Important?

    Spiral wound gaskets are important due to their ability to provide reliable sealing solutions in challenging industrial environments. Due to their special design, they can resist extreme temperatures, pressures, and corrosive environments, protecting equipment integrity and averting expensive leaks.

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  • What Do Spiral Wound Gaskets Do?

    Spiral-wound gaskets fulfill various functions including: sealing, protection against environmental contaminants, vibration reduction, padding, leak prevention, and mounting.

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  • Is a Spiral Wound Gasket the Same as a Sheet Gasket?

    No, spiral wound gaskets are not the same as sheet gaskets. While both serve as sealing solutions, they differ in construction and performance. Considering that they require less clamping force and endure less wear and tear during production and installation than sheet gaskets, spiral wound gaskets are more reliable than sheet gaskets.

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  • What Is a Spiral Wound Gasket?

    From the name, a spiral wound gasket can be described as a semi-metallic gasket consisting of layers of metallic and non-metallic materials wound together in a spiral configuration.

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